Detox time

It’s been a fantastic few days
PT on Sunday started very early 8.30am with measurements I have added cm’s to arms ,legs etc and upped my weight my body fat don’t understand it but seemed good can’t remember exact number but it was under 15
Then onto my favourite strength training I love it. I have homework I just can’t get my head around the squat rack so my homework – practise with the dumb bar ? It’s not called that officially .
Pilates is always hard and thirty minutes of intense ABS is crippling but so good. Chris is full of fun and makes exercise enjoyable , a breath of fresh air.

Bank holiday Monday I had intended going to the quayside couple of cocktails , leisurely lunch but detox started . Change of plan and hopped in the car for trip to Allendale walked along the river with hubby and pup.


Spot the dog !!!

We stopped off at the pub no beer for me a healthy glass of water, despite my husbands choices all day been on the naughty side I stuck to the list and felt very smug. I did however need to consume a huge 1900 calories so tucked into a bowl of whey protein ,banana,almond milk and natural Greek yoghurt looked like baby food , tasted great :-)))

Following last week at work I was very apprehensive about going , stomach was churning. The first day after bank holidays is always busy with toothaches etc but the atmosphere was upbeat , everyone working as a team . What a difference.

Keeping to the detox plan – protein shakes my go to food to up calorie consumption .
Arrived at the gym ready for pump with david less stressed after work and upbeat .
I was very lucky to be given a Fit as Hel hoodie I am super proud to own one and have been walking around the gym and work in it grinning from ear to ear . Thank you so much.


I have changed my rest day routine. I rest Mondays and Wednesdays I learnt the hard way and realise it’s just as important to rest as it is exercise . I still go for a short walk with the dog but not intense workout and then maybe go to the cinema or just veg out 🙂

Work is still a happy place or maybe I am just happy and not noticing any bickering. Detox week still going strong it’s easier to be more disciplined when you know it’s recorded and the boss (Erika) will oversee the choices I have made . I am still struggling on the 1900 but I am very close everyday.

Counting down the hours for super Saturday – yippee climbing and mega fit last one before holiday


Whoops it’s been to long

It’s been so long since I blogged I have saved a draft which I thought was a few days old only to find it was almost two weeks ago. The saying goes time flies and it is certainly true.

Let’s catch up :-
Two weeks ago I conquered my bouldering green project it was such I huge moment for me i was ecstatic couldn’t believe I had done it


(This is from this week – cheers Jeannie but it is the same project)

We then trouped off to pure gym to attempt yoga followed by the main event 1st ever MEGA FIT , for the record I was sick (must not drink large coffee pre MEGA FIT) it was an amazing class everyone who really wants a hard core workout attend this class the buzz after is so worth it .

I really did not think I could surpass my achievement from climbing but during PT I did my 1st unassisted pull-up I was fucking gob smacked it he feeling was spine tingling I wanted to run around the gym ducking screaming at everyone I did a pull-up !!!!!!

The rest of the week was more normal gym work gym work – hating work at present it’s getting me down so I vent my anger at the gym .

Worked so hard last week and even went to work on a saturday (private patient) so no climbing club but I did get to MEGA FIT
I was a disaster I tried but I could not function. The feeling you get when your mind is saying do it but your body is saying no it’s not great i was so mad at myself I felt I let not only myself down but Erika too.
Erika kept asking me if I was ok she knows immediately I was not performing – lack of food was a factor having not eaten since 6.30am small bowl of porridge and a banana – I got the look (EAT) over training and lack of a good meal

I was so scared I would not be able to function at all in my PT session I had left the gym exhausted on the saturday so with a sense of fear and dread I went . Pilates and dance first hoping it would lift me and it did but I still so nervous and worried it’s not the frustration but churning stomach that you let Erika down and disappoint her as she works so hard . Head down I sat on the chairs – then off we went. It was one of my favourite PT sessions ever !!!! Loved loved loved it. Strength training awesome I achieved Personal best in dead lifts / leg press and did my first ever dips . I was back . I walked out of there 6ft tall
We had a chat and have added dips to my gym program. I continue to learn new things every week.

This week work has continued to be awful. My colleague has left returning to her home town of Bolton and the remaining staff are constantly causing me problems – ahhhhh it’s been very stressful and on thursday I had a good cry on the way to the gym

Working out really helps it clears your mind and your endorphins firing makes you feel alive and ready to face anything and anyone. :-))))

I was super excited I was back climbing yesterday but sad because Jeannie is unable to join in since she has an injury :-(( . Eniko has come such a long way from being so terrified her technique is really good. We had a new member today the beautiful Ewa wow I can not put into words how fantastic Ewa did. No fear , so incredibly fast amazing.
It’s not exercise its fun. I have a new project whites on the climbing wall. In fact I am typing this so early as I woke up after dreaming about the run and trying to work out the moves in my head. I must have been moving about in bed as I was dreaming because thomas didn’t look to impressed

Mega fit went better this week – full class I enjoyed it so much I wanted to do it again. Treadmill challenge at the end was fabulous I even hit 20 for 30 seconds before decreasing back to 18

Caught up with Jeannie who came along to cheer everyone on. I have really missed her we continued our natter for another hour in tesco car park before homeward bound.

I got a present for my darling husband I pink cycling helmet so it was straight back out on the bike to show it off.


Next its cycling shoes and clothes you have got to look the part😀

It’s just getting light outside now need to prepare gym bag , brekkie etc PT session bright and early then who knows , maybe start to get last minute holiday essentials only 14 days before florida sunshine 😜✈️

Putting on weight

I have just gone to boots to get weighed I have put on at least 2kg I should be really happy but this is really scary to me . I have never been over 50kg for years now that I weigh 52 exactly it’s a weird feeling. Fingers crossed this is muscle because I am eating so much . I don’t want to be super skinny as my previous photos but this is a really big deal for me I didn’t think it would effect me so much as it obviously has I think that’s why I didn’t wart to get on the scales. It such a hard balance I know looking in the mirror I look healthy and better I am so nervous in case I go the other way and get fat. I should just not get weighed and leave that to Erika and her measurements to keep me on track.

Super excited

I have had such a fun fit weekend
Had an great day on friday went to Richmond a good 3hr plus walk along the river and fields with hubby and buttons . Baby lambs a plenty . We are members of the national heritage so we visited Richmond historic castle it’s a beautiful place to visit frantic scenery and steeped in history . The weather was warm and sunny a perfect spring day . I had lunch out a steak sandwich really good and a glass of water :-))) the poor dog was exhausted when we arrived back home and took to his bed




Saturday – climbing club it was so quiet this week no kids club at the centre it was as if we had a VIP day. I feel I am improving each time my confidence is growing I can’t explain with feeling you get its utopia. Learning climbing calls its mint I am completely hooked. I didnt manage my green boulder project but did get a little higher. I was really pumped and exhausted. Relaxing afternoon was the name if the day after a bite to eat at nandos. Trip grocery shopping and the cinema

Sunday was full on – Pilates , dance then PT with Erika.
I had such an amazing session I was shaking the burn in my legs OMG but I was flying. I felt drunk I was on such a high total exercise buzz I wanted to run around the gym and shouting I flipping well did it (a little stronger words may have been more correct)
I am super super excited for Erika to get this amazing crazy full on exercise class started it is hardcore and you really can push yourself to the limits I love love love it . I was so in the zone I just took over this poor guys machine 😄. I have never been so vocal in a session before.
I am back tomorrow for the monday foursome but I am a little scared I have the feeling I am going to be sore no pain no gain – BRING IT ON !!!!

gym bunny

I am having a blast this week!
Managed to get the gym everyday even Wednesday legendary rest day pre cinema day.
Having a ball love the muscle soreness that follows .
Met up with Jeannie another gym junkie had such a laugh hanging like monkeys on the TRX frame certainly got some funny looks all good climbing training .
I have a days holiday booked for tomorrow so a day out planned in the country with pup
Then the weekend starts climbing with the Fit as Hel climbing club almost got my harness today until I remembered the outfit I had on was not the best one to be wearing for that adventure a little to short a dress hmmmm

Starting again or so it feels

Well the past three weeks has been so busy and stressful at work . It’s not been easy to keep on track with exercise and diet.
I have been over eating on the naughty foods i have never consumed so much sugar before the rush then the drop so you crave more.

Working all hours has also resulted in my exercise gym routine suffering it’s really got to me.

But now back had a great weekend starting block left work friday yes later than my clocking off time dentist running late again but happy the week was over and the beginning of the weekend.

Saturday climbing club was awesome I did my hardest climb to date or so Erika said its such an amazing feeling when u reach your goal but still need to defeat the greens in bouldering.
It was so positive to watch and encourage our fellow climbing club members seeing them overcome fears and go for it . Erika is so patient I must make it hard with my left right problems. I followed this with niece and nephew time the terrible twins such fun. I was treated to a wonderful dinner at Loch Fyne in gosforth food was delicious :-)))) happy tummy

Sundays PT days yeahhhh
I started with a gentle warm up Pilates class with cris totally recommend this class for core and posture also read it could help with my climbing plus points all round.
PT measurements think they went well ? Have more definition and back so much more toned. Quick tabata round then on to the new gym equipment loved them jelly legs aching arms gotta mean hard workout .

Mondays BACK on kettle bells / fat burn / boxercise / aerobics awesome
Had a great partner for boxercise Carmel another Erika client yeah! It’s so much better when you both go for it punching / exercise and still having fun singing at the end whilst doing punching abs workout truly amazing. Then a good cardio dance workout to rocking tunes in aerobics was such a sweaty Betty I had to change my shirt.
I am lucky hubby still home so bath was ready for me with a radox bubbles muscle soak such a spoilt baby and then a healthy dinner :-))))

I am so sore but I love that feeling .
I did my new gym programme yesterday fit ball don’t know if I did the leg curls correctly but I could feel a burn will ask Erika to check my technique and form sunday . The frustration of waiting for equipment is the only negative I only needed 3kg dumbbells and the use of the cables – which I gave up waiting for the cables went upstairs still no joy , I did do pump with David . My goal to do a push up gets closer with my hanging practice and assisted pull-ups. Only wish aerobics was on slightly earlier then I would have stayed even though my body was and is aching.

Super excited and invigorated glad the last few weeks are over. Today’s rest day but want to try and sneak off work early to get a quick workout in before family time with my mum – Wednesday is cinema night and gossip

Missed blogging too never thought I would say that !!

I am super excited again –

It’s been a while

Well a week has past already where is the time going
It’s been such a busy week at work it’s the year end and we have dead lines from the PCT so it’s been manic on top of staff sickness increased working hours it has certainly increased stress levels and staff sickness has not helped
This has had a huge effect on my exercise – only managed 1 gym day tuesday . 3 late evenings at work is long days on top of the normal working day 12 hours is tiring

Plus size my husband arrived home friday evening a week early yeah – but I then ended up ill saturday so no climbing
Very unhappy khelda so disappointed it means another week to wait

Sunday – hooray PT felt so much better was scared I wasn’t going to make it
Tried cris Pilates and dance class he is so much fun and Pilates will defo help core stability – just what I need for my training and climbing so it’s now on my sunday list
PT was great – getting an exercise plan I can follow on my own its amazing how much I have learnt in the last few months I feel so much more confident
Erika has been such an inspiration she makes exercise fun for me and explains what muscle I am using where I should feel it what I should be focusing on – result even put on weight now over 50kg

Sundays are PT days

I love my sunday workout today was no exception – good brekkie Alpen almond milk and Burgen bread toasted with peanut butter fuel for my workout

I had a warm up ready for Erika then off to free weights – loving the circuits dead lifts / chest / shoulders must remember right over my head / rows / squats I love squats then side bends if that’s what u call them – phew I had to drop weight half way through my sides
Really angry with myself – noted do not moisturise hands pre session they get sweaty and slip was fun strayed and angry with myself

Tried pull ups failed but did better than previous attempts . My poor body was shaking awesome

Really sad no gym tomorrow as I am staying late at work dentist peer review gutted :-((((

Have to work extra hard tuesday

A very eventful week

Well it started really well
Had a fantastic weekend good food / walks awesome PT session with Erika learning new things really excites me different position in dead lift fitness test – total body workout

Work monday – ah the start staff member off sick didnt think I would make kettle bells but just made it – completed my monday classes felt exhausted but good – next day birthday
Almost ruined by staff members but managed to have day off spent it with husband a nice walk and then out for pub dinner huge burger – sneaky wine and shared am ice cream sundae

This is where it goes a bit erugh
Got ropped into hosting a spa thing at home rushed around preparing food drinks and the lady did the whole hard sell so I spent money I did not want to plus she stayed very late – again to much naughty foods no gym – early start at work 8.00am had to deal with bad staff complaining patients and then had to stay and work late – ate my body weight in biscuits what is wrong with me

Friday the worst – back on track food yeah but more staffing probs had to cover reception to members sick ? Then dealt with a complaint discussed with staff member involved took an hour – quick change get to spin OMG locked car keys in practice sat on the step freezing cold until the cleaners arrived after 6pm went home

Then the good part
Back climbing sooooooo haaaaaappppyyy I was nervous new shoes it’s 2 weeks since last been but I loved it – it is such a rush esp if you get to the top your arms pump my leg shakes – feet crippled I can do 4 classes on a monday 1 climb and I am jelly – I just want to be better watching Erika and Jeannie my jaw drops it looks effortless maybe one day

Start of a new week – must have added to the Kg as I havnt made the best choices we will see tomorrow at 10.45 am for Sundays arse kicking 😃